Potted Geraniums

Potted Geraniums New.jpg
Potted Geraniums New.jpg

Potted Geraniums

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Geraniums have been one of my favorite flowers to put in the garden. Capturing their beauty in watercolor has been a challenge but well worth the experience. Although they appear to be one big flower, in reality they are a cluster of individual tiny blossoms. Thus, making a color statement requires the unity of a lot of very small petals. It kind of reminds me of the strength we can achieve when we work together as a whole. God is teaching me a lot through his creative genius. My goal in painting watercolors is to illuminate the beauty He has put on this earth and thereby magnify Him. 

8" x 10" Giclée Print - $40

11" x 14" Giclée Print - $80

16" x 20" Giclée Print - $160

16" x 20" Flat Canvas  - $175

16" x 20" x 1.25" Wrapped Canvas - $225



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